Thursday, July 21, 2005

To Riverbend and the people of Iraq

To Riverbend

I have tried to leave you alone. I have read most of your blogs. Often they leave me weeping. That is why I must write just once, then I promise never to risk adding one more ounce of misery to your life. In other words. If you would grace me with a little of your time I would not write to you again, and forever be grateful to a beautiful soul from Baghdad for allowing me to express utter sorrow for what my country has done in yours.....

How do I say I hope you and your family are ok without sounding ridiculous? It is normally good protocol to start a conversation with such pleasantries. “How are you” and “I hope you are happy” or “May your dreams be sweet” are such wonderful ways to begin. But now even that has been taken away..... I can’t help but notice the tone and diminished frequency in your blogging. It distresses me. I know you are sad.....

Your record of life in Baghdad has changed my life and awakened me like never before. In the three months or so since I found your web log, I have become very active, starting my own blog, writing to many Congresspersons and Senators, not to mention many of the sleazy urchins in our media. I post to web sites, I monitor internet for news and I write. This is all day long on many days. I have never been politically active in my life (which I regret) so the HUGE jolt I got from your writings is at least making a difference in my home. (Normally this is where I say “thank-you” but for the situation given that too seems odd...)

Anyway, maybe you can brighten some of your angry friends by informing them that America is probably already a Fascist nation. We are fast losing our American way of life. As payment for not bothering to be dutiful in our care of this Republic, We are in an illegal war, again. We are losing many of our rights to property and privacy. Our media is not watching, our Congress is ineffective or corrupt, and the Administration is out of control domestically every bit as much as around the world. We have poor people here too and they are the ones paying the biggest price for the Crony-ism and greed here at home. Medical coverage cut, police and fire budgets cut, along with social assistance. Tell them that many of us are scared more of “w” than OBL, who still scares the shit out of us. Then there’s China. The new superpower that our corrupt, inept and blind Leadership cant see. I tell you, It feels like the end of days.

However there is a huge and passionate swelling of grassroots support for change. Bloggers are forcing
the administration’s scandalous nature upon the MSM and its getting harder and harder to cover-up. I hope the sky falls on top of the whole Bush administration, every day, until they stand trial for war crimes. So you see your efforts are helping awake the public, which is crying louder every day for the troops to be pulled out, and for a leadership to be held accountable. You ARE making a difference Miss Riverbend. I hope you find the strength to hold on. Keep blogging if you can.

Let me end this by saying how deeply tainted my heart will always feel for the hundreds of thousands of innocent dead Iraqi citizens from both the Bushes and your former leader.

Good Day to you Miss...... the FrustratedAmerican

Friday, July 15, 2005

Secretary of History

Dear Senators, Congresspersons and Media:

History is THE missing ingredient in the collective conscience of our American society. We are, as an easily defendable, “restructured” saying might suggest: “dumber than shit about history, and therefore exponentially vulnerable to being victimized in its repetition.” We have been suffering from that axiom for years already. Arms races are surely proof this is true, since historically man always adapts to his enemies technological superiority by design theft and improvement. ALWAYS! Now a nuclear weapon is within the grasp of the small minded....

Therefore, Any modern government, especially those with power, should be mandated to have a “History Czar” or “Secretary of History” or suitably named, full cabinet position to head the “Department of History”. He/She would be responsible for the accuracy and volume of purely historic information to the President and Congress, and also be charged with working with the Education Department and media to insure history receives the same weight in public schools as mathematics, reading and writing. And to insure “political agenda’s” are not a part of the history policy, there would need to be extreme independent oversight... Finally as another check or balance to war, the Secretary of History must be consulted before the country goes to war.

Example: What if “we” knew more about Roman history. There are a lot of modern issues we struggle mightily with that are very similar to some that the Roman Republic/Empire dealt with and could shed light on the nature of humanity in a context not unalike our own. Their troublesome slave revolts (and there were many) remind us of the human spirit and indomitable will to fight perceived tyranny, even against insurmountable odds. Or the how the rise of the “Empire” at the expense of the “Republic” came about in time of fear and concern over threats from abroad such as “barbarians” and threats from within like infighting, corruption, greed for glory, and even civil war. Fear and desperation give rise to Dictatorships like Julius Caesars’ and Emperors like Nero, and Caligula.

And we retain stunningly little about even our own past lessons, as illustrated by the lack of any recital today of that beautiful one liner by Abe Lincoln: “A house divided cannot Stand.” Such chillingly familiar sounding political acumen from the past needs to be reviewed by modern policy-makers for relevance and guidance. Also, when the public has a very good grasp of history as a whole, then the public would be infinitely harder to manipulate. It is a grave shortcoming by any society to itself that forgets the lessons of history, which we have done in spades here in America.

Before any country could be invaded, the President and others in the decision making process, must consult the “Secretary of History”. In the years during the buildup to Iraq, there was plenty of time for the administration to be fairly well educated on the history of Iraq, its people and customs. They were not. Now we have to deal forever with the wrath of people who still fight for things that happened 800 years ago. Are they likely to forget our abuses? That question and many others were not even considered due largely to lack of historical perspective.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

new news media outlet needed. "PNS News"

Being an inactive sloth no longer suits me. I can no longer do little or nothing. "Why?" I ask myself. To which I answer "Self it like this:"

Because I drove away from the gas pump the other day with the gas nozzle still attached to the car, pulling it off the hose end as I was thinking about the mess in Iraq. Or because I walk around in the food store bouncing off walls like a man somewhere else when Im supposed to be shopping for the family, the sharpness not there. I cant feed the chickens anymore, or throw a stick to my dogs(they don’t fetch anyway); I literally cant go for 20 or 30 minutes without thinking about the way my own government is failing the test on nearly all things possible, especially Iraq. Its absolutely frightening, all the way astounding. The future our children will inherit, the future we have inherited is chilling.

In the 1991 gulf war, I was one of the many who were fascinated by what we saw. Smart bombs with cameras, “Fair and Balanced” commentary, and maps and experts, and practically no opposition. It was an intoxicating, sick party; a sort of getting the bug of Vietnam off our back, a war which we lost. I didn’t realize it then but the MSM campaign of thousands of hours of addicting “reality tv” war news had a softening effect on the collective conscience of America towards war and death and utter destruction. Especially those smart bombs with cameras.

They are something new I think like we have not witnessed before. An insidious conjunction of guided flying explosives and the far and deep reach of the mind molding media.You could actually ride the weapon to the target! And to spare the truth, which is essential to any illicit war effort, the picture just became snowy static at impact instead of red and charred bodies and property. This gives the Pentagon and the military/ industrial complex a way to influence strongly, opposing positions in the minds of both the enemy and the American public in a single strike with what I call this Para-weapon. To strike fear in the heart of the enemy, and garner fascination/support with the public, through the same images, over and over and over and over, all in one missle. Counted among the dead, one can place the truth. See also Amy Goodmans Interview with Tucker Carlson:

After the first Iraq war, the public in this country was not only not appalled with our own bloodlust, but wanting more. I was fascinated with images from Bosnia, Serbia, and other action in the former Yugoslavia, even though I did not feel we should be warring around so damn much. (A reminder that we went to STOP the killings of Muslims in that one.)

So in essence the images and commentary of the MSM during war sculpt the perception of truth for most of Americans. This is too much power in the hands of a few who currently are profiteering in wars and on every other chance the vast media in their control gives them. I for one was not properly angry because my sense of outrage was trumped by the fascination garnered through the media’s scripted, premeditated reporting. NEVER AGAIN!!!

.......Here in America......

Here in America we have 80% of the worlds serial killers, and 80% of the amusement parks... Here in America we have one President impeached over a cigar, or a was it a dress, and another gets re-elected after a greed inspired war. HeRe IN ‘MeRicA, A president can win the presidency even if the other candidate had more votes from the public. (2000 presidential election) Here in America, we probably see 10,000 ads or more a year (not kidding) on male sexual enhancement and other lifestyle drugs from the “lifesaving” pharmaceutical industry. And somewhere here in America, a prison was just ordered recently to stop giving one of these enhancements (Viagra, by Merck I think) to sexual offenders. Here in the very same America, religious hypocrites tell the young to abstain from sex while an estimated 100,000 “exceptional” catholic children become victims of clergy molestation. Here in America there is an “all volunteer” army, so the majority of our boys sent to Iraq are the low-income sons and daughters who join to escape a low-income existence. But the official term is “All volunteer” not “Poor mans fight”. Here in America the choice between Harvard and Iraq aint too hard. Of 535 members of Congress, only one had a son or daughter in the war as of 2004. Here in America, you can eat and act like a pig for years, then sue a restaurant chain for obesity; and here in America if you smoke three packs of cigarettes a day for thirty years, you or your survivors, can sue tobacco companies and win multi millions. Rewards like that should be placed in funds to counter tobacco’s wrath on our health and medical system. But they go in lawyers pockets and to the lazy undisciplined. We should all demand a new news media outlet. The PNS or Public News Service........

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Attention: Mainstream Media

To the MSM:
Please ask yourself why you became a journalist. Was it to make money or hold prestige? Did you become a journalist for the sex appeal? Or did you become a journalist to inform the public, knowing it is a BIG cornerstone of a lasting democracy. Perhaps at one time you can recall, I don’t know a civics lesson or something, where it is written that an informed public is absolutely essential to a healthy Democracy. Don’t you think its time to open up this monumental story for all the public to judge? I beg you for the Nation’s sake to do more to give the public a truer, purer news product starting (and not ending) with a complete breakdown and expose of the Downing Street Memo’s.

If I am any indicator of trends, then my complete refusal for almost a year now to watch or read or listen to any “mainstream” news (i.e. CNN, FOXnews, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS etc) or talk should concern you. The “mainstream” media is losing credibility fast. I have been a news junkie all my life. I grew up a kid in the 60's and I remember all the big events: Lt William Calley, Kent state, President Kennedy; Senator Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Watergate; Moon Landing, Sharon Tate, Civil Rights, Watts Riots, The Beatles, etc...I remember Walter Cronkite, and a young Dan Rather; Huntly & Brinkley, Pierre Salinger, Sam Donaldson etc, etc, etc.... I love the news, truth being stranger than fiction as they say. So to admit I have no respect for the “mainstream” media any longer is huge for me.

“Mainstream” is shiny, polished and hollow. You see, we the people of this land of “greatness”are not entitled to truth. We are however entitled to a headline story for weeks about an idiot runaway bride; we are lucky to be updated ten times a day for over a year on the media’s favorite wife killer while vital news from Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, nuclear proliferation and BIG time corruption at home are ignored. The Pope’s death was covered mercilessly, for weeks, I mean hours a day! and the ascension to the papacy of his successor went on just as long. Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise/Matt Lauer, the list of junk news is un-ending these days. Meanwhile, thanks in large part to modern journalism, we the voting public are becoming more and more retarded and “mainstreams” refusal to do its job; its refusal to take any story to any length no matter where it goes, is rapidly eroding our ability to make informed decisions and votes. This is an inherently dangerous situation! Let me say that again: This is an inherently dangerous situation!!

From war profiteering to federal judiciary tampering to ruling after ruling of the courts against the interests of the people and oh so much more, this President’s guidance and his crony-istic leadership are, in a growing number of opinions, the absolute worst in our countries history. We are going down fast, and if we the people do not demand his impeachment and the prosecution for many of his cabinet truth slayers; if we cannot expect accountability for these high crimes, then we are doomed as a free nation. What will happen, and what IS happening, is greed has become the real power in the world. We must re-establish a real deterrent to high crimes or we are never again to be safe from the dark influence of greed, which will eventually consume even itself, the nation in the process. If one president gets an impeachment for a cigar or a dress or, as the far right then said, “for lying”, then this one better be reviewed for lying about starting a war; the single most despicable and horrible thing the leader of the "free" world can do. Please help put forth the story behind the Downing Street Memo.....

Monday, May 30, 2005

Political Respect

....“A house divided cannot stand”...Abraham Lincoln, American

Dear Senators
I was born in San Francisco in 1958, so I have been a citizen of this land from my humble beginnings, or maybe it would be more effective if had I written: “I have been a humble citizen of this land from my beginnings”. I like the word humble..... sorry, I’ll get on with it.
I do not even know if I have a right to a voice with my Senator or any Senator, since I am a felon.(One time) I am also a Single parent, a father, who raised/is raising three kids, since 1992 with never receiving more than 25,000 dollars a year, and not ever getting any type of AFDC or welfare or whatever you want to call it. I for the grace of the good, hard working taxpayers of California (I think) have been lucky enough to have my kids insured under “Healthy Families” I have never done a violent thing to a human being in my life. I am good person, who has also legally and honorably, managed to pay my bills all these years and slowly, but surely have a home nearly paid off. I have cut what I call the “unnecessary fat” out of my life to do it. I mean things like never buying a new car or even a new appliance when you can get good used ones for a fraction. I know a lot more tricks, nothing illegal or immoral either, to survive. I am not a consumer.
So I have done pretty well here in this country, my country, by my own standards. I love the United States, which is I guess, at the base of what constitutes my deep, disturbing pain. (so deep that for the first time in my life I am having trouble sleeping). Truth in the television, radio, and largely the print media, (except for C-SPAN), is troublesomely absent. Unjustified war, a mortgaged future, and the scariest government I can recall trying to run every life on the planet. There are too many problematic issues to list to continue and hold your valuable interest, so I will move to my real point or idea...
I am a man with only a high school education, so I’m probably hopelessly simplistic, but it seems obvious to me that the congress of this great nation and its people, are deeply divided, and without the Senate to lead the way, who will save or restore the national unity, and thus the country, from the division that makes, by design, the perfect distraction for the forces of crass commercialism, massive international and domestic fraud, a hijacking of our media by profiteers, political deception, and the unbridled conglomeration of the triad of real and true world power(media, military, and economic) into the hands of ever and ever so few? To put it simply, greed is flourishing under the light of division. It must stop, or life as we know it is going to be a thing of the past. If that is true then it is time for new strategies, that recognize a general lack of effectiveness in the present game.
Here is one of my thoughts to try and sooth, an idea for the whole Senate, or an individual Senator, or any willing pact: Seize the high ground, for it is certainly up for the taking. A little humility that is carefully crafted, but above all sincere, will go miles I truly believe.
In my humble opinion any Senator or group of Senators who make a public campaign or extended effort to openly show good faith respect to his or her top three senators from the opposition they would least like to, can cunningly take the high ground. Im saying that three sincere reasons on why respect for one’s top three opponents in the Senate may be a wise move. Perhaps as an example Senator Harry Reid could site publicly and with sincerity, repeated enough times as is necessary to be noticed in the media, that while there is much work to be done that we need not agree upon, I wish to say the following words of respect and admiration to you Senator Frist: “1- You undoubtedly have helped save and heal many lives as a skilled heart physician. I can only imagine the thrill you must have felt upon your first saved life. 2- You are a hard working man, so says your incredible resume as Senator AND Physician. I respect hard work, as I myself Have sacrificed much of my life doing 18-20 hour days....” and so on. You Senators could more eloquently fill in the blanks. When showing respect in this way, leave it at that, and return to the fight later. This would pull the rug out from under a pundits cry of “political tactics”.
I think this may go a long way to depreciate the rancorous effect of partisanship......
I have even imagined a sort of “round table” where all 100 Senators participate in this format, a face to face, non-political, non-debate attempt to show love, unity and respect for each other in a televised event, carried by all television networks where each Senator uses the above “template for respect”. I say that again: NO politics, before or after said “round table” just a one time or even yearly event perhaps. The next day the fray can be re-joined. I think the American public deserves the healing, and it would be a blow to the dark side of which neither left nor right has any permanent monopoly on.
In this current atmosphere however, I don’t see that as too likely, even though I just think it is the best use of this probably useless idea from a simple American man (who fears for the future of his beloved land). So, short of a Senate wide endeavor this, I believe, would work for a faction, given that it is obviously much easier to unite fewer entities, who also happen to share an obvious bond of similar beliefs. Even an individual Senator may be able to gain. I also believe much of the probable backlash from one’s constituency can be minimized to a very great degree, by staying with the same values but laced with a new respect for the opposition. In reducing, with a touch of class, the poison of partisanship, will political rewards eventually be reaped.
There is much to settle, there is too much to lose.
........We need something new, we need an Abraham Lincoln.........

Love, Coulterville California....

Saturday, May 28, 2005


I am an american in my late 40's, with only a high school education. I am from California, and I love my country, regardless of what many who may disagree with my opinions may say. I am new to blogging, and have been led to this form of communication by my immense frustration, with the television news media, and above all with the unbelievable level of hypocricy perpetrated by our political system. I am so frustrated that I can no longer sit it out anymore.

To be honest I would probably lean a little to the left, or liberal side of the spectrum on most issues, and a little to the right, or conservative side on a few. My belief is that extremism in any form is harmful to our naton, and the worlds diverse population. Left or right, Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, religious or agnostic, it doesnt matter. If you are extreme in your views, defined simplistically by the belief that your way is the only way for all and opposition is evil, then you are a detriment to humanity. Extremism is global, not merely a "middle east" or "American" or "European" or "Asain" or phenomena of any geographical locale. It is everywhere, and thriving.

There are many topics to discuss, so many that it is daunting on where to start.
Here in the United States our congress has been debating an interesting and utterly important Issue: The federal judiciary, who they are and who gets to choose and approve them. "The filibuster", "advise and consent", "activist judges". It seems so complicated that to try to put it into thoughts and words, and remain centrist, seems impossibly difficult. But one thing both Republicans and Democrats did get right was the importance the discussion. It is worthy of all the time it takes to get it right. It can be argued that the federal judiciary is the reason we are in Iraq, an unjust war if ever there was one. In as much as the Supreme Courts 5-4 decision to ignore a majority of the people, handed the Presidency to George W. Bush, who then led us to war based on questionable intelligence, reasoning and maybe motives. I do not believe President Gore would have sent our boys to Iraq...Thus is the critical importance of the federal judiciary illustrated.