Monday, May 30, 2005

Political Respect

....“A house divided cannot stand”...Abraham Lincoln, American

Dear Senators
I was born in San Francisco in 1958, so I have been a citizen of this land from my humble beginnings, or maybe it would be more effective if had I written: “I have been a humble citizen of this land from my beginnings”. I like the word humble..... sorry, I’ll get on with it.
I do not even know if I have a right to a voice with my Senator or any Senator, since I am a felon.(One time) I am also a Single parent, a father, who raised/is raising three kids, since 1992 with never receiving more than 25,000 dollars a year, and not ever getting any type of AFDC or welfare or whatever you want to call it. I for the grace of the good, hard working taxpayers of California (I think) have been lucky enough to have my kids insured under “Healthy Families” I have never done a violent thing to a human being in my life. I am good person, who has also legally and honorably, managed to pay my bills all these years and slowly, but surely have a home nearly paid off. I have cut what I call the “unnecessary fat” out of my life to do it. I mean things like never buying a new car or even a new appliance when you can get good used ones for a fraction. I know a lot more tricks, nothing illegal or immoral either, to survive. I am not a consumer.
So I have done pretty well here in this country, my country, by my own standards. I love the United States, which is I guess, at the base of what constitutes my deep, disturbing pain. (so deep that for the first time in my life I am having trouble sleeping). Truth in the television, radio, and largely the print media, (except for C-SPAN), is troublesomely absent. Unjustified war, a mortgaged future, and the scariest government I can recall trying to run every life on the planet. There are too many problematic issues to list to continue and hold your valuable interest, so I will move to my real point or idea...
I am a man with only a high school education, so I’m probably hopelessly simplistic, but it seems obvious to me that the congress of this great nation and its people, are deeply divided, and without the Senate to lead the way, who will save or restore the national unity, and thus the country, from the division that makes, by design, the perfect distraction for the forces of crass commercialism, massive international and domestic fraud, a hijacking of our media by profiteers, political deception, and the unbridled conglomeration of the triad of real and true world power(media, military, and economic) into the hands of ever and ever so few? To put it simply, greed is flourishing under the light of division. It must stop, or life as we know it is going to be a thing of the past. If that is true then it is time for new strategies, that recognize a general lack of effectiveness in the present game.
Here is one of my thoughts to try and sooth, an idea for the whole Senate, or an individual Senator, or any willing pact: Seize the high ground, for it is certainly up for the taking. A little humility that is carefully crafted, but above all sincere, will go miles I truly believe.
In my humble opinion any Senator or group of Senators who make a public campaign or extended effort to openly show good faith respect to his or her top three senators from the opposition they would least like to, can cunningly take the high ground. Im saying that three sincere reasons on why respect for one’s top three opponents in the Senate may be a wise move. Perhaps as an example Senator Harry Reid could site publicly and with sincerity, repeated enough times as is necessary to be noticed in the media, that while there is much work to be done that we need not agree upon, I wish to say the following words of respect and admiration to you Senator Frist: “1- You undoubtedly have helped save and heal many lives as a skilled heart physician. I can only imagine the thrill you must have felt upon your first saved life. 2- You are a hard working man, so says your incredible resume as Senator AND Physician. I respect hard work, as I myself Have sacrificed much of my life doing 18-20 hour days....” and so on. You Senators could more eloquently fill in the blanks. When showing respect in this way, leave it at that, and return to the fight later. This would pull the rug out from under a pundits cry of “political tactics”.
I think this may go a long way to depreciate the rancorous effect of partisanship......
I have even imagined a sort of “round table” where all 100 Senators participate in this format, a face to face, non-political, non-debate attempt to show love, unity and respect for each other in a televised event, carried by all television networks where each Senator uses the above “template for respect”. I say that again: NO politics, before or after said “round table” just a one time or even yearly event perhaps. The next day the fray can be re-joined. I think the American public deserves the healing, and it would be a blow to the dark side of which neither left nor right has any permanent monopoly on.
In this current atmosphere however, I don’t see that as too likely, even though I just think it is the best use of this probably useless idea from a simple American man (who fears for the future of his beloved land). So, short of a Senate wide endeavor this, I believe, would work for a faction, given that it is obviously much easier to unite fewer entities, who also happen to share an obvious bond of similar beliefs. Even an individual Senator may be able to gain. I also believe much of the probable backlash from one’s constituency can be minimized to a very great degree, by staying with the same values but laced with a new respect for the opposition. In reducing, with a touch of class, the poison of partisanship, will political rewards eventually be reaped.
There is much to settle, there is too much to lose.
........We need something new, we need an Abraham Lincoln.........

Love, Coulterville California....

Saturday, May 28, 2005


I am an american in my late 40's, with only a high school education. I am from California, and I love my country, regardless of what many who may disagree with my opinions may say. I am new to blogging, and have been led to this form of communication by my immense frustration, with the television news media, and above all with the unbelievable level of hypocricy perpetrated by our political system. I am so frustrated that I can no longer sit it out anymore.

To be honest I would probably lean a little to the left, or liberal side of the spectrum on most issues, and a little to the right, or conservative side on a few. My belief is that extremism in any form is harmful to our naton, and the worlds diverse population. Left or right, Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, religious or agnostic, it doesnt matter. If you are extreme in your views, defined simplistically by the belief that your way is the only way for all and opposition is evil, then you are a detriment to humanity. Extremism is global, not merely a "middle east" or "American" or "European" or "Asain" or phenomena of any geographical locale. It is everywhere, and thriving.

There are many topics to discuss, so many that it is daunting on where to start.
Here in the United States our congress has been debating an interesting and utterly important Issue: The federal judiciary, who they are and who gets to choose and approve them. "The filibuster", "advise and consent", "activist judges". It seems so complicated that to try to put it into thoughts and words, and remain centrist, seems impossibly difficult. But one thing both Republicans and Democrats did get right was the importance the discussion. It is worthy of all the time it takes to get it right. It can be argued that the federal judiciary is the reason we are in Iraq, an unjust war if ever there was one. In as much as the Supreme Courts 5-4 decision to ignore a majority of the people, handed the Presidency to George W. Bush, who then led us to war based on questionable intelligence, reasoning and maybe motives. I do not believe President Gore would have sent our boys to Iraq...Thus is the critical importance of the federal judiciary illustrated.