Saturday, May 28, 2005


I am an american in my late 40's, with only a high school education. I am from California, and I love my country, regardless of what many who may disagree with my opinions may say. I am new to blogging, and have been led to this form of communication by my immense frustration, with the television news media, and above all with the unbelievable level of hypocricy perpetrated by our political system. I am so frustrated that I can no longer sit it out anymore.

To be honest I would probably lean a little to the left, or liberal side of the spectrum on most issues, and a little to the right, or conservative side on a few. My belief is that extremism in any form is harmful to our naton, and the worlds diverse population. Left or right, Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, religious or agnostic, it doesnt matter. If you are extreme in your views, defined simplistically by the belief that your way is the only way for all and opposition is evil, then you are a detriment to humanity. Extremism is global, not merely a "middle east" or "American" or "European" or "Asain" or phenomena of any geographical locale. It is everywhere, and thriving.

There are many topics to discuss, so many that it is daunting on where to start.
Here in the United States our congress has been debating an interesting and utterly important Issue: The federal judiciary, who they are and who gets to choose and approve them. "The filibuster", "advise and consent", "activist judges". It seems so complicated that to try to put it into thoughts and words, and remain centrist, seems impossibly difficult. But one thing both Republicans and Democrats did get right was the importance the discussion. It is worthy of all the time it takes to get it right. It can be argued that the federal judiciary is the reason we are in Iraq, an unjust war if ever there was one. In as much as the Supreme Courts 5-4 decision to ignore a majority of the people, handed the Presidency to George W. Bush, who then led us to war based on questionable intelligence, reasoning and maybe motives. I do not believe President Gore would have sent our boys to Iraq...Thus is the critical importance of the federal judiciary illustrated.


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