Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Attention: Mainstream Media

To the MSM:
Please ask yourself why you became a journalist. Was it to make money or hold prestige? Did you become a journalist for the sex appeal? Or did you become a journalist to inform the public, knowing it is a BIG cornerstone of a lasting democracy. Perhaps at one time you can recall, I don’t know a civics lesson or something, where it is written that an informed public is absolutely essential to a healthy Democracy. Don’t you think its time to open up this monumental story for all the public to judge? I beg you for the Nation’s sake to do more to give the public a truer, purer news product starting (and not ending) with a complete breakdown and expose of the Downing Street Memo’s.

If I am any indicator of trends, then my complete refusal for almost a year now to watch or read or listen to any “mainstream” news (i.e. CNN, FOXnews, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS etc) or talk should concern you. The “mainstream” media is losing credibility fast. I have been a news junkie all my life. I grew up a kid in the 60's and I remember all the big events: Lt William Calley, Kent state, President Kennedy; Senator Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Watergate; Moon Landing, Sharon Tate, Civil Rights, Watts Riots, The Beatles, etc...I remember Walter Cronkite, and a young Dan Rather; Huntly & Brinkley, Pierre Salinger, Sam Donaldson etc, etc, etc.... I love the news, truth being stranger than fiction as they say. So to admit I have no respect for the “mainstream” media any longer is huge for me.

“Mainstream” is shiny, polished and hollow. You see, we the people of this land of “greatness”are not entitled to truth. We are however entitled to a headline story for weeks about an idiot runaway bride; we are lucky to be updated ten times a day for over a year on the media’s favorite wife killer while vital news from Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, nuclear proliferation and BIG time corruption at home are ignored. The Pope’s death was covered mercilessly, for weeks, I mean hours a day! and the ascension to the papacy of his successor went on just as long. Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise/Matt Lauer, the list of junk news is un-ending these days. Meanwhile, thanks in large part to modern journalism, we the voting public are becoming more and more retarded and “mainstreams” refusal to do its job; its refusal to take any story to any length no matter where it goes, is rapidly eroding our ability to make informed decisions and votes. This is an inherently dangerous situation! Let me say that again: This is an inherently dangerous situation!!

From war profiteering to federal judiciary tampering to ruling after ruling of the courts against the interests of the people and oh so much more, this President’s guidance and his crony-istic leadership are, in a growing number of opinions, the absolute worst in our countries history. We are going down fast, and if we the people do not demand his impeachment and the prosecution for many of his cabinet truth slayers; if we cannot expect accountability for these high crimes, then we are doomed as a free nation. What will happen, and what IS happening, is greed has become the real power in the world. We must re-establish a real deterrent to high crimes or we are never again to be safe from the dark influence of greed, which will eventually consume even itself, the nation in the process. If one president gets an impeachment for a cigar or a dress or, as the far right then said, “for lying”, then this one better be reviewed for lying about starting a war; the single most despicable and horrible thing the leader of the "free" world can do. Please help put forth the story behind the Downing Street Memo.....


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