Thursday, July 14, 2005

new news media outlet needed. "PNS News"

Being an inactive sloth no longer suits me. I can no longer do little or nothing. "Why?" I ask myself. To which I answer "Self it like this:"

Because I drove away from the gas pump the other day with the gas nozzle still attached to the car, pulling it off the hose end as I was thinking about the mess in Iraq. Or because I walk around in the food store bouncing off walls like a man somewhere else when Im supposed to be shopping for the family, the sharpness not there. I cant feed the chickens anymore, or throw a stick to my dogs(they don’t fetch anyway); I literally cant go for 20 or 30 minutes without thinking about the way my own government is failing the test on nearly all things possible, especially Iraq. Its absolutely frightening, all the way astounding. The future our children will inherit, the future we have inherited is chilling.

In the 1991 gulf war, I was one of the many who were fascinated by what we saw. Smart bombs with cameras, “Fair and Balanced” commentary, and maps and experts, and practically no opposition. It was an intoxicating, sick party; a sort of getting the bug of Vietnam off our back, a war which we lost. I didn’t realize it then but the MSM campaign of thousands of hours of addicting “reality tv” war news had a softening effect on the collective conscience of America towards war and death and utter destruction. Especially those smart bombs with cameras.

They are something new I think like we have not witnessed before. An insidious conjunction of guided flying explosives and the far and deep reach of the mind molding media.You could actually ride the weapon to the target! And to spare the truth, which is essential to any illicit war effort, the picture just became snowy static at impact instead of red and charred bodies and property. This gives the Pentagon and the military/ industrial complex a way to influence strongly, opposing positions in the minds of both the enemy and the American public in a single strike with what I call this Para-weapon. To strike fear in the heart of the enemy, and garner fascination/support with the public, through the same images, over and over and over and over, all in one missle. Counted among the dead, one can place the truth. See also Amy Goodmans Interview with Tucker Carlson:

After the first Iraq war, the public in this country was not only not appalled with our own bloodlust, but wanting more. I was fascinated with images from Bosnia, Serbia, and other action in the former Yugoslavia, even though I did not feel we should be warring around so damn much. (A reminder that we went to STOP the killings of Muslims in that one.)

So in essence the images and commentary of the MSM during war sculpt the perception of truth for most of Americans. This is too much power in the hands of a few who currently are profiteering in wars and on every other chance the vast media in their control gives them. I for one was not properly angry because my sense of outrage was trumped by the fascination garnered through the media’s scripted, premeditated reporting. NEVER AGAIN!!!

.......Here in America......

Here in America we have 80% of the worlds serial killers, and 80% of the amusement parks... Here in America we have one President impeached over a cigar, or a was it a dress, and another gets re-elected after a greed inspired war. HeRe IN ‘MeRicA, A president can win the presidency even if the other candidate had more votes from the public. (2000 presidential election) Here in America, we probably see 10,000 ads or more a year (not kidding) on male sexual enhancement and other lifestyle drugs from the “lifesaving” pharmaceutical industry. And somewhere here in America, a prison was just ordered recently to stop giving one of these enhancements (Viagra, by Merck I think) to sexual offenders. Here in the very same America, religious hypocrites tell the young to abstain from sex while an estimated 100,000 “exceptional” catholic children become victims of clergy molestation. Here in America there is an “all volunteer” army, so the majority of our boys sent to Iraq are the low-income sons and daughters who join to escape a low-income existence. But the official term is “All volunteer” not “Poor mans fight”. Here in America the choice between Harvard and Iraq aint too hard. Of 535 members of Congress, only one had a son or daughter in the war as of 2004. Here in America, you can eat and act like a pig for years, then sue a restaurant chain for obesity; and here in America if you smoke three packs of cigarettes a day for thirty years, you or your survivors, can sue tobacco companies and win multi millions. Rewards like that should be placed in funds to counter tobacco’s wrath on our health and medical system. But they go in lawyers pockets and to the lazy undisciplined. We should all demand a new news media outlet. The PNS or Public News Service........


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